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Throughout the early 1980s, a small group of Alexandria, Va., meeting planners were concerned about the need for professionals in their field to come together to discuss ideas for improvement in their profession, to exchange information on problems of common interest, and to give thought to better ways to meet and to network with peers. This was underscored by the acceleration of trade and other associations moving their headquarters to Alexandria, which some labeled a “mecca” for associations. Also, many industry-related activities were in the District of Columbia, which increased the difficulty in meeting fellow planners and others in the hospitality industry.

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Chronology of Important Events in the History of AMPs: The First Twenty Years

This brief history of AMPs is dedicated to the original founders of AMPs, who had the vision to perceive the need for an organization of meeting industry professionals.

AMPs thanks the following individuals who participated in the research of this history. Diane Adamson-Banks, CMP, CEM, Marcie Bannon, Karen Climo, P. Dianne Ehmann, John P. Giaocomini, John Johnson CAE, Judy A. Peck, Karin Soyster CMP, CAE, and Mickey Wright.

Thank you to Founder Dick Noble, the visionary of AMPs.

Founding Members

Founders of the Association of Meeting Professionals (formerly known as The Alexandria Meeting Planners)

  • Dianne (Adamson) Banks*
  • Jack Atherton
  • Jim Bartow
  • John Buck
  • Connie Dalton
  • Bill Davis
  • Tom Hinton
  • Liz Jackson
  • John Johnson
  • Martha Krafton

* Initial Founders

  • Don LaFever
  • Mark Lappin
  • Ann McClure
  • Darryl McEwen
  • Sonja McCamley
  • Dick Noble *
  • Judy (Harris) Peck *
  • Betty Renier
  • Stan Stearman
  • Mickey Wright *
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